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PRO-TECH is a wholly owned brand of tools ranging from handtools to safety products. PRO-TECH emphasizes quality, reasonable pricing and embraces its own characteristic and culture. We are not merely providing an alternative brand in the market but a completely new range of products with the most reasonable and competitive pricing that is supported by a yearly “pricing evaluation” report. Through long term development, we are committed to producing certified tools and safety wear that meet high safety requirement.


A registered trademark, PRO-TECH brand is synonymous with competitively priced products of superior quality, always working diligently towards improving products, quality and services, we are confident of meeting our customer need. particularly in custom designed tools, With this commitment we will continue to strive towards conquering all future challenges.


PRO-TECH seeks to aggressively penetrate the overseas market with the focus mainly on Middle East, Asian and African Countries. In the future, we will set up an operation headquarters to strategies, monitor operations as well as stimulate the development of worldwide importers.


This is because we understand that branding is not only asset of a company but of the general public as well.
In order to achieve this aim, we hope to gain further support from you. We believe that only by gaining market acceptance through the word of mouth from our customers will “PRO-TECH” be a true success.