Protech Brand Rebar Cap (Mushroom Cap) 16-32mm

Protech Brand Rebar Cap (Mushroom Cap) 16-32mm

Size: 16-32mm Origin: UAE
  • Availability: Instock
  • Manufacturer: Building Materials
  • SKU: PRBRCAP16-32


Size: 16-32mm

Origin: UAE


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Pro-tech Rebar Caps are specially designed for use in the construction industry and fit over the TMT bars for reducing the risk of injury. Mushroom Rebar Cap is an inexpensive, cost effective, reusable rebar safety cap that can help you to protect workers against serious injury from cuts and abrasion while working in proximity to sharp protruding rebar.


  • Mushroom style rebar safety caps protect from protruding rebar at construction site.
  • High-quality caps are bright Yellow for excellent visibility.
  • Use where the danger of impalement is not present.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Reusable & Inexpensive, cost effective rebar safety protection.




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