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PRO-TECH And Its Dream



Pro-tech (TM)

PRO-TECH is a solely owned brand ranging from hand tools to safety products emphasizing on quality, reasonable pricing strategies and enriching culture. PRO-TECH has been in this industry more than 30 years providing “Quality” over “Price”. We are committed to provide our consumers certified tools and safety wear with our USP of the color “Orange”. 


PRO-TECH wants to penetrate overseas market and focus on Middle East, Asian and African Countries. We aim to set up a Headquarters to strategize, monitor operations and stimulate development of worldwide importers. This is because we acknowledge the importance of branding which is an asset to our company and to the general public. 

In order to achieve this aim, we hope to gain support from our consumers and businesses. We believe that only by gaining market acceptance through the word of mouth and digital marketing from our consumers will “PRO-TECH” be a true success. 


The quality of PRO-TECH begins with the selection of raw materials namely Chrome Vanadium and Chrome Molybdenum. The latest technologies are utilized in designing and manufacturing of our tools which include computer aided design, cold forming, hot forging extrusion, heat treatment, polishing and many more. 

From designing the product to delivering at your door step we take every step seriously and ensure highest quality and free from defects products. 

We highly believe in innovation and service quality and ensure our consumers with latest designs and after sales services. The focus is on values of our consumers which is further translated in the form of a feedback. We take our feedback forms very seriously and address our consumers by providing what they require.